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Corporate Gifting

Give back to your staff - and our local businesses, too

Gift cards are already a popular choice for staff perks and rewards: they’re easy, convenient and allow your staff to purchase something they really want. However, many Manx business leaders find themselves buying cards with no connection to the Isle of Man, our businesses or the local economy.

The LoveIOM Gift Card is a gift card that allows you not only to treat your employees, but to give back to your local community. It works like any other high street gift card, but can be redeemed at any business that has signed up to the LoveIOM Gift Card Scheme.

Benefits at a glance

Tick Gifting local supports the economy and the community

Tick Wide range of places to redeem, from hospitality to accommodation. Giving your staff the power to choose where they spend

Tick Improved brand reputation by supporting local

Tick Greater employee retention and loyalty

Tick Co-branding opportunities

Tick Co-branded gift cards increase awareness of your organisation’s brand

What's in it for my staff?

With such a wide variety of businesses within Hospitality and Accommodation signed up to the Scheme, your staff are guaranteed to find something that suits them, while also supporting our local businesses. Whether that’s by taking the family out for a roast dinner, grabbing cocktails with colleagues after work, or taking loved ones for a well-deserved staycation, a LoveIOM Gift Card makes the recipient feel truly rewarded.

What's in it for our local businesses?

According to DEFA’s strategy to grow the Isle of Man Food and Drink economic contribution, every pound spent with a local business equates to £1.83 for the local economy, whereas, when the pound is spent with an off-Island business, this equates to 58p. So when you gift a LoveIOM Gift Card, you know that you’re rewarding your staff, you’re rewarding your community, you’re rewarding local businesses, and you’re rewarding your friends and family.

What's in it for my business?

Gifting local shows your staff that you care about the community which in turn helps foster employee loyalty. Above and beyond that, we also offer branding opportunities to further your brand awareness and brand image and reputation.

Capital International Logo

‘At Capital, we’re always looking for ways to enhance our employee experience. A big part of this is making sure our team feel that their achievements are recognised and appreciated. To reward our employees, in the past, we’ve typically opted for an online gift card from one of the national chains or online retailers, however, when we heard about the LoveIOM Gift Card initiative, we saw this as a real opportunity to not only reward our staff, but our local business owners too.’

‘We saw the gift card as a fun and alternative gift this year for employees, and also a wonderful opportunity for us to support the local business community; we really hope our staff can relish this chance to support local, save some money – and have fun in the process!’

Active Souls Logo

‘We have found the gift cards so useful and the LOVE IOM Team is always willing to help. We always wanted to support local business whilst giving back to our Tribe and the cards give us access to so many local merchants, there genuinely is something for everyone.‘

Atla Group Logo

‘When we heard about the LoveIOM Gift Cards, we thought it would be the perfect gift for us this year, allowing our team to shop local and support Island businesses, much like the Atla Group does with its client base.‘

‘We love that the list of businesses where you can spend the card is extensive and stretches across the whole of the Island and an array of hospitality businesses, including accommodation providers, restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs.‘

‘We’ve also been able to fully brand the digital card which has received amazing feedback within the Group, we’re all so excited to start using our cards in the new year!‘

Branding Options

Fancy your very own branded LoveIOM Gift Card? Our team will work with you to create a company branded version of your card. Choose from a physical card, or a digital version that can be stored within the wallet application on a smartphone. This shows the businesses accepting the card that you’re a supporter of the local community which will improve brand reputation and image! A win-win!

As thanks for supporting local businesses and putting your money where your mouth is, we'll include your company logo on the LoveIOM Gift Card website and link to your website to ensure your support for the local economy is recognised by participating businesses.

Manx Telecom Custom Gift Card

Staff Perks

Whether it's a monthly lunch or a couple of coffees to start the day, the LoveIOM Gift Card is a great way to treat your staff. With the LoveIOM Gift Card being accepted in a wide range of eateries across the Island, it's a perk for everyone.

If you’d like to make perks a regular thing, we can set up recurring perks so that your staff receive a gift card weekly or monthly.

Staff Gifts and Rewards

If you’re looking for a way to motivate, reward or treat your staff, the LoveIOM Gift Card is a fantastic solution. Often there is pressure on companies to find a reward that suits all the staff: resulting in the purchase of a gift card that doesn't quite meet the needs of anyone. The LoveIOM Gift Card covers a huge variety of businesses on the Island: providing staff with the power to choose how they really want to spend it.

Customer Gifts

Looking for a way to say thank you to a customer or client? Or perhaps you’re looking for the perfect way to send your Christmas wishes? The LoveIOM Gift Card is a great way to show your appreciation of customers and clients for those special occasions and demonstrate your Isle of Man community credentials.

Who's already involved?

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