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A Day out on the Tram with LoveIOM

A Day out on the Tram with LoveIOM

14th Apr 2022

The 18th April is World Heritage Day and Easter Monday so what better day is there to head out on the tram? Whether you’re heading south from Ramsey, or north from Douglas, we’ve got some great recommendations for a day out so you don’t have to plan anything but the tram you get on.


Get your passports, we’re starting with Ramsey, the northern end-of-the-line. Wherever you get on the tram, stay on board until you reach the end. On getting off, there’s an abundance of things to do for the family.

If the weather’s not great:

- Why not swim? Make your way through town and over the Swing Bridge and go to the swimming pool.

- A spot of bowling? Cross into town and walk across the square towards the beach to the bowling alley

- Enjoy some history? Grab a bus from the bus station and go visit the Grove Museum and learn about the Victorians

If the weather is lovely:

- Have a play in the park? Walk through town and over the Swing Bridge then follow the beach until you reach Mooragh Park, where BMX trails, swings and pedaloes await you for a day of fun. Want to keep the walking to a minimum? Go to the Corrie park, found behind the tram station for swings, slides and space for ball games a plenty.

- Beach day? With two huge stretches of beach to choose from, you’ll never struggle to find a space for sandcastles and paddling in Ramsey.

- How about a visit to the shops? With a bustling high street full of quirky independents, there’s lots to look at in Ramsey along Parliament Street.

- Maybe some scooting? If you can bring your scooters with you on the tram, head to the newly laid train line and enjoy some car free scooting practice.

If you want to grab a bite to eat before you head home, there are three perfectly situated places for the tram station:

Saffron Fine Indian Restaurant and Takeaway is found in St Paul’s Square and serves a huge range of Indian dishes that all the family can enjoy, from Biryani dishes to a fiery Vindaloo, there will be something for every single taste bud. Then it’s just a three minute walk to the tram station to head home for the day.

Just across the road from the tram station is Good Stuff Restaurant. Famed for their Fajita Tuesdays, they serve a huge variety of feel-good foods all day, so you can pop in for lunch, dinner or for something in between. Not only that, you’ll practically see the tram arrive into the station so you know you’re not going to miss your ride home.

Finally is Fynoderee, serving food like the Manx Mezze Platter. Situated literally on the tram station, this is bound to be the best option for ensuring you get your ride home. Being a gin bar of their own Fynoderee gin which is distilled on site, it’s also a great place to have a cocktail (or one of their equally delicious mock tails if you have to drive anywhere when you get off the tram) to take the edge off a full day of exploring and playing.

Dhoon Glen

Found between Laxey and Ramsey, Dhoon Glen is a great place to get off and explore with the family. When you alight the tram at Dhoon halt, there are a number of places to go with the children to run about. Whilst the walk to the famous Inneen Vooar or ‘Big Girl’ waterfall, is probably not the best to go with children, there is the small clearing just behind the tram stop, and the arboretum across the road which can provide lots of space for children and their imaginations to run wild.

When they (and you) have had enough of running round, there is the Little Shed to visit for a relaxed snack and a drink whilst soaking in the surroundings. Situated on the tram stop, you don’t need to worry about missing the tram home or onwards.


Laxey is also well served by the tram, there are a variety of stops you could choose to get off at depending on what you want to do when you’re there.

Main station in the village

If you don’t want to limit your options, get off at the main stop in the village. From here you’re perfectly located to strike out to The Laxey Wheel, The Salmon Lake, The Laxey Glen and Pavillion Gardens, the football pitch and the beach. All are a little walk away though, so you’ll need some sustenance before and afterwards.

If you stay in the village, you could go to the glen to explore amongst the trees and the river, as well as play in the park. Alternatively you could go to the Valley Gardens where there is lots of space to run around and explore the history of the mining village. The Mines Steam Trains will also be running for a ride up to The Laxey Wheel.

The Laxey Glen cafe is a great option for a family lunch or drink and cake. There’s a massive menu and lots for children to enjoy to eat, as well as being a quick walk away from the play park.

South Cape or Minorca Hill

If you want to head towards the beach, you have a couple of choices of things to do. There is the beach where there’s often a space to set up camp for good access for paddling and a bit of sea swimming in the mostly calm waters. When the tide’s out there are also lots of rock pools and sand to do critter watching!

When you get hungry, you can get a warm lunch from The Shed, or you can walk to La Mona Lisa for a dinner or pizza and pasta to keep you going until the tram departs. Rather than walking back to the village, you can walk up Old Laxey Hill and get the tram from the South Cape stop or up Minorca Hill from the Minorca Hill stop.

Groudle Glen

Holding their special Easter trains, jumping off the tram at Groudle Glen not only gets you a nice family walk but also an exciting steam train trip with the Easter Bunny!

Why not make a whole weekend of it, and use the tram as your way of exploring the east of the Island? Stay at one of The Groudle Glen Cottages, open year round and family and pet friendly, it’s perfect for a weekend away with the family!


If you’re wanting a day down South and getting off in Douglas, there’s lots to do as a family!

If the weather’s not wonderful:

- Why don’t you head to the cinema? If you go to The Palace, you could go to The Welbeck for a family dinner afterwards, and you could make it an overnight family staycation there or at the Best Western! If you go to The Villa Broadway cinema, Flavours on Broadway is a great place to get a delicious Indian meal as a family! We’ve talked a lot about Flavours here!

- Maybe the Dragon’s Castle Soft play? You could spend an hour or two there, then make your way to Jak’s for tea as a family! You’ll get amazing sea views, in a family friendly space and perfectly cooked Manx meat anytime from 11am-1am.

- How about the Manx Museum? With so much to see and lots to do and touch, the museum can keep even the biggest family entertained for hours! And when you’re done, you’re a stone’s throw from a wide range of establishments for lunch, from The Tea Junction for sandwiches, or Pizza Napoli for pizza or Harbour Lights at The Sefton for cake! Spoiled for choice!

If the weather is good:

- Why not spend the day at Onchan Park? A short walk from the MER Terminus, you can even get a lovely family meal from Ocean Views Restaurant before you go home! Famed for the views and cocktails, this is a venue for all the family! Then it’s a short walk back to the tram station

- Why not play on the beach? Enjoy the sunshine and rest assured knowing you’re close to a range of Manx businesses to get a meal from like Aura Bar and Bistro, which is close to the tram station for minimal walking! You’ll find exquisite Indian food there, made with the best Manx produce!

Spending time with the family is so important after the last few years we’ve had and if we can support local at the same time, LoveIOM fully supports that.

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If you want to see where else you can support local with LoveIOM, check here – why not plan your day around it? We’d love to know what you do! Tag us on our socials and buy a LoveIOM Gift Card now! 💗