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A Suite Visit to the Sefton

A Suite Visit to the Sefton

13th Jun 2022

We think we’re fairly confident in saying that the Sefton is a Manx icon in its own right. It’s up there with the Laxey Wheel and the Fairy Bridge. The pale yellow exterior, the palm trees on the front, the wooden revolving door, right next to town and the gaiety theatre, of course. However, being local, we haven’t all had the pleasure of a stay at The Sefton, so when we got the opportunity for a sneak peek, we jumped at it.

We were lucky enough to visit on a day when the sun was blazing - a day which meant the promenade felt as much like St Tropez as it did good old Douglas city (we’re still so proud at LoveIOM of the city status). Looking up at the building, it was positively sparkling; people were walking past with ice-creams and wearing shorts. We felt like we were on holiday.

We personally love the Victorian style of the Sefton, particularly in the sun

We strolled in through the grand entrance below chandeliers and through the beautiful wooden revolving door, sat on a squishy and snug arm chair whilst the reception desk cleared.We were more than happy to sit in the sun in the relaxing chair at reception, though, whilst the receptionist assisted guests. During the short time we were there she was extremely friendly, attentive and helpful, and when she directed us to our meeting, she was a delight. Before we’ve even seen the rooms, we felt well looked after by the Sefton.

We headed through the restaurant and into a meeting room which looked out on to the promenade. We had a quick chat and I admired the quality of the room, from the artwork on the walls, to the glass bottles of Manx water available as well as high quality stationary at each place round the boardroom table. This is absolutely a place we would be proud to bring clients for meetings to show off how lovely the Island and its people are – definitely one to add to the list for those who perhaps don’t have a fixed office space, or are visiting the Isle of Man on business!

Next we got to go to the part of any hotel that is most exciting – the suites! Now, when we tell you these suites were bigger than some (relatively nice) flats we’ve lived in, it’s not a joke.

We headed through a locked door, up a couple of floors in the lift and came out at the William Hoggatt Suite. For those that don’t know, William Hoggatt was an artist that eloped to the Isle of Man and here dedicated himself to Manx art, which he often showed in London. This art adorns the walls of this suite.

As soon as we stepped through the door, we were struck by just how light and bright the suite was! We immediately headed right, through double glass doors and straight towards the windows looking out on to the seafront. This room was a living room and had a desk, two sofas, a chaise longue, and a kitchen, tucked away behind folding cupboard doors. Loads of space for entertaining guests, or simply sitting and watching the world go by – there’s plenty to see across Douglas bay and the promenade from here. Our personal favourite corner of this room was the chaise longue; from your spot reclined on this chair with views of the sea, you could honestly convince yourself you’re on a luxury cruise. Have you ever been on the Royal Yacht Britannia? That’s what we felt like reclined here – royalty.

We dragged ourselves from the chaise longue and headed back into the hallway. Straight across the hall from the front door was another door, so we tried that one and lo-and-behold a massive master bath with his and hers sinks. A large double shower to the right, the sinks straight ahead, and Sefton branded robes on the back of the door. We thought that was luxurious, but we were in for a REAL TREAT. What’s over to the left you ask? A Jacuzzi bath… WITH A TV. A TV. IN THE BATHROOM ABOVE THE JACUZZI. Now, in our books, this is the height of luxury. Watching TV with the Jacuzzi going? That’s our idea of a very good time.

What are you watching in the Jacuzzi? We want to say something profound but it’ll probably be Bridget Jones’ Diary

We reluctantly hopped out of the dry Jacuzzi and made our way to the final door – the bedroom. At the back of the suite, this room was the coolest and arguably the most comfortable of all the rooms. We would guess that this room would get the sun in the evening. The bedroom was large, airy and had a king sized bed, a desk, a TV and huge built in wardrobes. It was luxe in its minimalism – there was space to breathe and it was very relaxing just to be in there.

Relaxing in here after a day of exploring as a tourist or on business would be a joy

We went back to the living room to enjoy the views and the sunshine for one last time before we left. This suite is perfect for a wide range of people; whether you’re a couple wanting a nice weekend away in peace and quiet to enjoy the delights the Sefton has to offer, or you’re a business traveller that needs an OOO workspace whilst away from home, this suite is going to suit you.

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