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Aloha to Aloha

Aloha to Aloha

27th Jun 2022

Another newbie on the block, Aloha is adding to LoveIOM’s ever growing repertoire of healthy fast food in the Isle of Man. Found on Lord Street in Douglas, just up the road from the bus station, you can spot Aloha for their natural, earthy vibes from the big glass windows, where you’ll see wooden floors, and plants galore. Being healthy legends ourselves and working in Douglas, we simply had to try it out, so a pre-work breakfast was in order.

We headed in on our way to work – it’s so convenient for those who take the bus to get off at Lord Street and grab something as they walk past, or if you’re someone who bikes in and perhaps locks up at the Sea Terminal, this is another great place which is convenient for the office. We had a lie in (you can get up late if you don’t have to make yourself breakfast, another great advantage of a healthy breakfast to go) then strolled in from home.

There was loads on the menu to choose from, with smoothies and bowls packing all manner of ingredients, flavours and organic fruits we’d barely heard of, let alone tried or seen in our precious Isle. That’s not even mentioning the little sweet treats, porridge and the coffees on offer. We were well and truly spoilt for choice.

Slightly overwhelmed but nonetheless very excited, we opted for an Açai bowl, made famous, by the foodie bloggers and Instagram health influencers of the moment. We asked using perfect pronunciation (ah-sigh-ee, in case you were wondering) and we had a breakfast of dreams; it was a tasty bowl, full of healthy goodness to start the day, and kept us going through to lunch. Not only that, everyone in the office wanted to know what we were having; we were living our influencer moment ourselves that day.

Look at this image from their Instagram - even the photos look good enough to eat!

There’s so much choice on the menu, we already know that next time we go, we’re having something new. We’d definitely go for one of their bowls again, maybe the blue crush bowl. It’s coloured using Butterfly Pea Flower powder, something we’ve had in a delicious latte off-Island but have yet to see here until now.  They are truly unique.

The laid back vibes with funky music and lots of plants made for a relaxed space, and the service with a smile meant even being there just after 8am a lovely experience. It’s perfect for anyone that enjoys healthy food, office folk on the way to work or lunch time strollers. Anyone who is in the city centre would find something to fill them up. And anyone with a LoveIOM Gift Card will be able to spend there!

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