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Corporate Gifting gone Manx

Corporate Gifting gone Manx

25th Nov 2022

Atla Group has once again chosen to make their Christmas Corporate Gifting Manx this year, rewarding their employees and the community by gifting LoveIOM Gift Cards!

Basil Bielich, Group Chairman of the Atla Group. Atla utilised the LoveIOM Gift Cards for its Atla Team as a Christmas thank you in 2021 and they were so pleased, they are doing the same again this year.

“When we heard about the LoveIOM Gift Cards, we thought it would be the perfect gift for us this year, allowing our team to shop local and support Island businesses, much like the Atla Group does with its client base.

We love that the list of businesses where you can spend the card is extensive and stretches across the whole of the Island and an array of hospitality businesses, including accommodation providers, restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs.

We’ve also been able to fully brand the digital card which has received amazing feedback within the Group, we’re all so excited to start using our cards!”

Cara Skillicorn, Group Marketing & Branding Officer, said the LoveIOM Gift Cards were well received last year, so it made sense to go ahead with them again.

“Having staff and offices across the Island means our gifting options need to be sufficiently flexible to suit everyone and the LoveIOM Gift Card fulfils that. No matter where our staff live or work, and no matter what they enjoy doing in their free time, they can all enjoy a LoveIOM Gift Card.

The incentives help us to be able to reward them further too. We are passing on the top up value to our employees so they will get 25% extra to spend, and they’ll be able to get more if they choose to wait to spend in January for the Why not Weekdays incentive, which they also enjoyed this year.”

If your company also wants to reward your employees with an initiative that supports our local community and Island, why not use LoveIOM? The gift card gives the user the choice on where to spend and branding the cards with your corporate branding means you get to increase your brand awareness!

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