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Business, brunch and bikes at Cycle 360

Business, brunch and bikes at Cycle 360

21st Apr 2022

Where in the Island can you hit the gym, buy a bike rack, grab a coffee, eat lunch, have a beauty treatment and get your bike serviced, all within walking distance of the office?

It might sound like the start of a terrible joke, but it is in fact the all accommodating, Cycle 360.

Cycle 360 has been around since 2014 and has established itself as a firm favourite since the outset. To this day, if you want a seat in Cycle 360, you’ve got to be ready and plan ahead. Not just a café for fitness fanatics or cycling stars, the Cycle 360 café is a honey trap to business people on lunch, family brunches at the weekend, and everyone in between. So in order to get the most from Cycle 360, we went twice, to give you the full lowdown.

Firstly, we went as a group of “pals that brunch” on our way to a certain large DIY store round the corner, in the knowledge that a Cycle 360 breakfast would set us up for a day of painting and decorating an entire house (reader please know, that we did not achieve this in one day, as planned). Despite our misgivings on our success in redecoration, we were not wrong about the Cycle 360 breakfast.

We arrived at Cycle 360 at the bright and breezy time of 10:10am, a mere ten minutes after opening, and yet we were lucky enough to get the last free table available. This really shows the popularity of Cycle 360, people are willing and ready to be there at opening time to get themselves a table on a Sunday morning. Despite this, the queue was short and we had decided on pancakes and a flat white, and ordered them within minutes of sitting down.

Whilst we waited for our food to arrive, we discussed the plan of attack for the rest of the day (buy paint, use paint) and watched the comings and goings of the café. That’s the great thing about Cycle 360, it’s big enough to seat lots of people, but cosy enough to feel warm and inviting. In the 15 minutes or so we were waiting for our breakfast to arrive we saw people come in and head for the gym, and others in cycle gear for the service side of the shop, and lots of people from young families to elderly couples popping in for takeaway coffee. As we said, Cycle 360 is not just for cyclists.

Soon the food arrived and WOW. The pancakes were to die for. Three huge American style breakfast pancakes covered in chocolate and bananas each and we knew we were set up for the entire day. We thought about having to get a takeaway box to bring some of it home, but in the end, they were just too delicious. In the time we’d been there, the place was filling up and people were hanging round for tables (who can blame them) so once we finished, we headed out. Could we have stayed there another hour just enjoying the atmosphere and drinking coffee? Absolutely. Did we want to deny anyone else the pleasure? Of course not. After a lovely civilised breakfast, we were ready to redecorate.

Since the breakfast was so good, we decided we had to return, and what more convenient time than to take our ‘working from home’ to somewhere we knew the coffee would be better. Not only did we get to go again, we got to go mid-week and let us assure you, it’s just as popular.

We arrived shortly after lunch and whilst there weren’t many people in office wear, the café was full, and we made our way upstairs to sit instead so we could get some work done without having to buddy up on a table downstairs. Having never been upstairs before, we were surprised to see the very green, very natural vibes up there, compared to downstairs where everything is very woody and industrial, upstairs was very green, with a lovely plant wall and neon lights. We also got to peek in the gym which looked well-equipped too.

With business out the way, we had time to hang around and grab a coffee before we went back to the office. Since the weather was delightful, we went downstairs, got an indoor table in the sun, two iced coffees and our laptops out to work. With fast Wi-Fi and little disturbance and the café slowly quietening down, it made the perfect place for an out-of-office working session. Once we had finished our coffees, we’d got plenty done, all in time to be back at our actual desks as planned.

So, not only is Cycle 360 perfect for brunch, it’s also great for a business meeting, and to get some work done away from your desk. Whether you’re going to eat or just for a drink, or you decide to pop in whilst your bike is being checked over, or after you’ve come in to buy some more stuff for your cycling commute, or to spend a few hours with friends, you simply cannot go wrong with Cycle 360.

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