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Corporate Gifting gone Manx

Corporate Gifting gone Manx

6th Feb 2023

This year, Charterhouse Lombard decided to reward their staff with LoveIOM Gift Cards to show appreciation during the festive season. By doing this, not only did they reward their employees, but also the local businesses within the community!

Charterhouse Lombard is an Isle of Man-based company that values distinct Manx culture and wishes to maintain its authenticity, they said;

“We were impressed by the user-friendly experience and wide range of businesses that accept the Gift Cards. It was so convenient to use! Shopping locally is an excellent way to help local businesses as well as boost the economy of the Isle of Man. It's a great idea to support these establishments and reinvest in our own community.”

The LoveIOM Gift Card was well received by employees, with positive feedback that helped to highlight the benefits of the incentive behind the Gift Card.

“I am grateful to have been given the LoveIOM Gift Card, which has enabled me to explore various places across the island! There are so many options throughout the Island which provides great flexibility on explorations. I would definitely recommend this as a unique and thoughtful gift idea.”  – Agnes

“Shopping locally has always been one of my favourite things to do, and the LoveIOM Gift Card makes it even better! It gives me and my friends the perfect reason to meet up at our favourite restaurants during festive seasons. Plus, I get an extra 25% credit on shopping during weekdays - what a great incentive!” - Martha-Paige

“I'm pleasantly surprised to discover that the LoveIOM Gift Card not only covers restaurants, but also provides options for hospitality. With the Gift Card, I can explore the Isle of Man and plan a staycation for my family. This is the perfect way to relax and create lasting memories.”  - Robert

If your company also wants to reward its employees with an initiative that supports our local community and Island, why not use LoveIOM? The Gift Card gives the user the choice on where to spend and branding the cards with your corporate branding means you get to increase your brand awareness!

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