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A Festive Day in the life at The Boredroom Store.

A Festive Day in the life at The Boredroom Store.

23rd Dec 2021

What is it we sell here at The Boredroom? We offer a range of alternative lifestyle streetwear clothing for ages 13+ and are also working towards younger ages too in the future, and are taking peoples requests into account for the future of our store. We also sell skateboards, skate hardware and complete decks.

9:30am - 10am
Our day usually begins with a nice hot brew and a pastry. Switch all the lights on and flick on the decorative ones too, as it’s currently the festive season! Brushing up the shop floor and mopping, dusting, facing up the rails and island stands, making sure all clothing is neatly folded and lint rolled. Switch on the TVs and put on the latest skateboarding events via YouTube.

10:00am- 12pm
We open the doors and are set for the day! We get new stock weekly, which we add to the system before it arrives and when it does we get tagging and steaming. This typically takes up most of the morning to early afternoon depending on the size of the deliveries we get. We always look for a fresh approach in the shop, the next time you visit will be different to the last as we will always have fresh goodies in for you to look at and try on.

12pm- 4.30pm
At lunchtime we usually bring our own lunches as it’s on the go here at the shop. We are regularly facing up the shop floor, refolding and shaping stock that is out and plenty of tea making as we serve customers, helping them to find them correct sizes or, if need be, ordering it in for them. No day is the same here and we’re always happy to welcome new faces and our regulars too!

4:30pm- 6:00pm
These hours tend to be upbeat as school has finished and the day at the office is almost done. We have a sofa in here where some of the younger lot come to hang out after school whilst they wait for the bus home, and as some of the staff here skateboard, we have our friends pass by to stop for a quick natter whilst they take a look around the store. It’s a nice way to finish off the day and we get to hear about their day too. We like to think this is a shop which is building a community and is a safe space for everyone. As the day comes to an end we switch everything off and make sure everything is neat and tidy ready again for the next day!

We recently held a Halloween party here for the friends of The Boredroom and we had a selection of bands play on the night and had a fancy dress party, you can find the link here;
We also have a The Boredroom playlist on Spotify;