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Good times at GoodStuff

Good times at GoodStuff

11th May 2022

One fortuitous Saturday in May, we were blessed a classic sunny day in Ramsey, so you best believe that we used the opportunity to have lunch at GoodStuff.

After a lovely trip up with the sun shining (it really is always sunny in Ramsey, isn’t it?) we stopped for lunch to visit one of Ramsey’s newest restaurants. Having opened just before the pandemic, the restaurant has been through a lot; from beginning as a full restaurant, then adapting to be a takeaway, and now running as a combination of the two, GoodStuff has really come out on top.

For those lucky enough to be based in Ramsey, they will know that GoodStuff is open for both lunch and dinner every day except Sunday where they are just open for lunch ‘til 4pm. So in we went for a late lunch.

On entering GoodStuff, we were struck by the bright and airiness of the restaurant. Adorned with Mediterranean tiles and low hanging lightbulb style lamps – think Barcelona style and you’ve just about got it.

From our work with LoveIOM, we knew GoodStuff’s speciality is their Tuesday fajita deal, offering 20% off their fajita dishes throughout the day. However, on seeing the enormous high quality menu, we were tempted away. We were very drawn to the fish special, which changes daily based on what is available at Kermelly’s across the road, the homemade sweetcorn fritters or the roasted butternut squash and feta lasagne. However in the end we both went with a lunchtime wrap, one chargrilled med veg, and one chicken club.

The chargrilled med veg contained a range of Mediterranean vegetables and was smothered in a delicious homemade tomato salsa. There was also halloumi which added a nice texture change from the soft vegetables and added a scrumptious, salty touch.

The chicken club was a mammoth wrap, with all the classics of chicken, bacon, lettuce and tomato, as well as lashings of their tarragon aioli. The chicken was warm and tender and the lettuce was very crisp. The aioli took centre stage with the succulent, creamy sauce enveloping every mouthful.

Both wraps were served with tortilla crisps and coleslaw

Between the two of us, we split sides of chips and rosemary sautéed potatoes. Both were truly delectable, but we really only needed one side between us; these were big portions - both the wraps and the sides. If I were to choose one, I’d go for the potatoes.

We had just a soft drink each, but there was a cracking cocktail list which we have clocked to go back and try. They had all the classics, from a mojito, to a Cosmo, to some special espresso martinis, one normal, one with chocolate and one with passionfruit! And all for between £7.50 and £8.50!

Officially new fans of GoodStuff, we will definitely be back, preferably on a Tuesday to make the most of their 20% off deal on the fajitas and try out some cocktails. Who wants to join us?

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