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Hike and a bite to eat? Laxey Edition

Hike and a bite to eat? Laxey Edition

8th Apr 2022

The Isle of Man is famed for its stunning countryside and the endless walks it provides. From the Raad-ny-Foillan to the several plantations, there is a whole range of walks around the Island for people of all ages and abilities. But let’s be honest, here at LoveIOM, what we really love about a walk in the countryside is the food and drink consumed afterwards. That’s why we’ve made this series of places to walk then eat all over the Island, taking your LoveIOM Gift Card with you!

First up, Laxey Beach

Laxey has plenty of walks to suit any and every one. If you’re looking for a nice relaxing walk, which is gentle on the exertion and pretty on the eye, a stroll around the village itself will suffice. Park up or jump off the bus and follow the signs through the village to pass the selection of shops towards the beach. Follow the river down as it winds itself through the quaint streets. When you reach the beach, walk all the way to the far end and have yourself a well-deserved coffee and cake at LoveIOM merchant, The Shed.

If you’re exploring in the late afternoon, why not head down to the beach and stop for dinner at LoveIOM merchant, La Mona Lisa? If the weather’s nice, you could even takeaway and eat on the promenade.

If you want a change of scene on the way back, follow the river on the other side, by walking past the Shore Pub and following the river along the grassy verge. Warning – this one can be muddy, so bring your walking boots!

Playing in the Laxey Glen

The Laxey Glen is both a picturesque walking location and a historical gem. Built in the Victorian era, it once was a picturesque manicured garden, the evidence of which still stands. The Glen is a great place to go with your kids too, because it has a play park at the bottom so they can burn some energy on the way. If you’re without children, just keep walking deeper and deeper into the Glen alongside the river. Once the path verges away from the water you could walk up towards Axnfell Plantation (more on this later) or you could turn round, head back and get yourself to The Laxey Glen for a coffee or a roast dinner.

Axnfell Loop

As mentioned above, when you follow the river through the Laxey Glen, you come to a point where you can decide whether to turn back or to go on. If you choose to go on, you’ll encounter a steep walk up the hill into Axnfell Plantation. Following the well placed markers of a little green sign on some trees directing you through the forest, you eventually come out near the Creg-Ny-Baa back road. Here there are two options;

For a longer walk, take the road in the direction of Douglas then turn left at the cross roads and follow the road towards Lonan. Before you reach the church, on the left is a public footpath; this will go through fields and when followed will bring you all the way down to Axnfell Plantation again where you can cut through to come out at Laxey GP surgery and finish your walk back at The Glen. 5km of a real hike and you’ll need a big meal!

For the shorter route, just follow the road down from Axnfell and you will come out in Laxey at the Queen’s Pub. Keep through the village to get back to The Glen. The longer version still is available on Visit Isle of Man.

The Mountain

If you’re brave you could always grab a tram to the top of Snaefell and walk back down again. Following the footpath (and several other people doing the same thing) and avoiding sheep and trams, after an hour or so you will be back in Laxey, ready to strike out towards The Glen or you can do the mountain range properly and go to sea level. At least The Shed will be waiting for you with a brownie and a cuppa. Then you could go to La Mona Lisa to replenish yourself with pizza and pasta!

Fancy a walk then? Or maybe you’d prefer to skip straight to the food and drink (believe us, we don’t blame you!)? Buy a LoveIOM Gift Card now to spend however you fancy. Get it in digital form and you can spend it straight away!

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