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Hike and lunch: Port Erin

Hike and lunch: Port Erin

14th Apr 2022

Port Erin, home to arguably the best beach on the island, the quaintest local shops and of course the end of the line of the steam train, is a delightful place to go walking. Mostly flat if you choose to stay along the higher prom or the lower prom, with plenty of ramped access between the two, it’s an ideal town for hikers and Sunday strollers alike. Alone, or with your pals, pushing a wheelchair or your kids in a buggy, Port Erin is a place to wander for all.

Whether you’ve driven down, gotten the bus or the train, or you live nearby, the best place to begin is at the train station. In the centre of town, it’s very convenient to meet friends and family without any confusion. The following walks all begin and end here!

Easy and flat

Our first walk is the easiest and shortest, best if you’re a big group of lots of abilities or you’ve got a few little-legged people in your party. Mostly on the flat and mainly in the centre of town, this is ideal especially if you’ve got buggies to push. Striking out from the train station, make your way towards the sea along the main road, admiring the quaint shops as you go.

If you’re holidaying from across, or even holidaying from the north of the Island, there are a lot of souvenirs and Manx style collectibles shops to visit, as well as places to get an ice-cream or food for a picnic. When you get to the end of the road, with grass and a steep hill between you and the beach, follow the road to the right and walk along the upper promenade. From here it’s up to you. You can go right again along Church Road, or continue on and take the third right along Bay View Road. The latter will double the distance, but it’s still short, 1km rather than half.

Whichever way you choose, when you reach Bridson Street, turn right keep going for the length of the street until you reach the railway station on Station Road. From here you could turn right and walk one block until you reach The Station pub where you can treat yourself to a pub dinner or a nice drink or if a café is more your thing, you can turn right at the pub and go to With Love and Hugs, a café and gift shop. Selling a range of organic treats like soup, coffee and cakes, you’ll love the cutesy atmosphere the café has.

A little hilly

If you’re fancying something marginally more strenuous, a little closer to the beach and with the possibility of a stop for wine, this walk is for you. Starting again at the train station, make your way towards the sea, and when you reach the steep hill between you and the beach, make your way down. There are lots of options whether you take a ramp or steps, pick whichever way suits you best.

Once you’re on the lower promenade, head sea-side and stroll along the length of the promenade, past the lifeboat station until you reach the carpark at the breakwater. Stunning views across Port Erin Bay are your reward, and one you truly deserve. Turn round and head back on yourself, but if in Vino Veritas, make sure to stop off at Foraging Vintners on the way. Championing outdoor drinking with fresh local ingredients, there are very few places on the Island, nay the planet, which offer such delightful surroundings as here. When the weather’s good, they even offer beach seating. And as we strongly believe at LoveIOM, everything tastes better with sand between your toes. It’s basically our corner of St Tropez. Luxurious.

When you’re done sampling what the vintners have foraged, continue back the way you came and make your way up the steep hill or steps to continue back to the train station where you began. If it has been a while since you ate, perhaps a stop at The Station is in order for a good pub grub meal? Especially perfect if you’ve got a little wait for your bus or train.

For the hikers (OK this probably won’t require hiking gear but this is definitely the more difficult of the walks)

Setting off again from the train station, head towards the beach but stay on the upper promenade. Continue on the road around as it turns towards the right and follow the bay around, passing the shops and luxury apartments on your right. Keep on as the road goes towards Spaldrick, keeping the golf course and club to the right and the sea to the left. Leaving the road and swapping instead to the Raad-ny-Foillan, walk along the cliff edge passing Bradda Glen until you reach Milner’s Tower for a truly spectacular breath-taking view of Port Erin and the bay. Once you’ve had your fill of the impressive views, turn back on yourself to walk back to town. On your way, you will pass The Bradda Glen restaurant, providing the perfect opportunity to stop for lunch and a drink in stunning surroundings. Whether it’s a roast, a coffee and a scone, or a full-blown afternoon tea, The Bradda Glen is a must do in Port Erin, especially if you’ve trekked all the way to Milner’s Tower. Wander back the way you came and finish the day at the train station.

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