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Make last minute late night shopping fun again!

Make last minute late night shopping fun again!

18th Dec 2022

We do it every year... we say we'll have the Christmas shopping done by Halloween and every year we end up in Strand Street on the final Thursday before the big day.

Well we're here to tell you that it's OK if you've left it last minute. We're coming to the end of another crazy year and if your Christmas shopping doesn't get finished until two days before, so be it. But if you're going to be in town frantically searching for the perfect final stocking fillers (check out Love Manx for recommendations), you may as well have your dinner in town, so at least you won't have to wash up when you get home.

Taking the whole family? Why don't you all head to Jak's or Barbary Coast after parking up, get a plate of hot food down you all and take on the town. Then there's no hangry breakdowns.

Do you fancy getting in and out again as fast as possible? Make your last stop Niko's Grill and take a kebab or a burger home to eat in front of a Christmas film. If you're going to drive past the terrace on your journey home, you could go for Pizza Napoli!

If you'll need warming up after Christmas shopping, there are a few options. If you finish your shopping at the Chester Street end of town, why not walk over to broadway and enjoy a meal at Flavours? If you're more the other end of town, go for The Eatery or Rio's. They'll warm you up after a couple of hours of late night shopping!

Going with friends and getting the bus home? You could always have a drink or two after your shopping is done! Head to Quids for a bargain, to Kiki's Lounge or Henderson & Glass for a Christmas drink, or to the Quay for The British or JC's if you want to keep it close to the bus station, you're spoilt for choice.

And of course, if you didn't get everything you needed, you could gift them a LoveIOM Gift Card... they could spend it all the places in this blog after all! With instant or delayed delivery (so it arrives in their email on the big day) it's an ideal last minute gift.

No matter how successful your Christmas shopping, remember to enjoy it, be responsible and keep in mind the most important thing is not the gifts but the time spent appreciating our loved ones 💗