Gift card sales have now ended with all expiry dates extended to 23rd July 2024

New feature - manage your gift card!

New feature - manage your gift card!

23rd Jun 2022

It is the moment we’ve all been waiting for – you can now combine and manage your LoveIOM Gift Cards online. We’ve all got cards where there is a quid on one, a couple pence on the other, and the remainder of birthday gift somewhere else… well now, with our new system, you can combine all the amounts on to one card, for easy and convenient spending and gifting.

Here’s how to do it:

1.    Head to and click “Manage Gift Cards

2.    Here you want to sign up – pop in your email address and we’ll email you a magic link to log in.

3.    Once in, you’ll recognise the page as being similar to the previous “Check your balance” page. Any gift cards associated to your email address will be here, and any others you have can be added, in the “Add a Gift Card” section. Just use the 5-digit code on the card, whether digital or physical, to add it to your account! You’ll see all your cards together, with the option to hide ones which are expired or empty.

4.     Once you have added your gift cards, click on each of them to view the transaction history and to manage the balance. Here you can edit your notification preferences (we recommend keeping these on for receipts and deals) and transfer your balances to one card! Just select which card you want to move the money to, and transfer the balance in full. It’s as simple as that!

5.    Spend away at a LoveIOM merchant!

Gifting local is not only great for the person who recieves the gift, but also for the local business that get rewarded too. Support local by gifting a LoveIOM Gift Card 💗