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Sprinting into Summer with Cycle 360!

Sprinting into Summer with Cycle 360!

15th Jul 2022

Change of the season calls for a change of menu at Cycle 360! Big portions, healthy ingredients and vibrant colours are the main things on the menu this summer and we’re excited to give it a go. Some of the favourites we know and love have stayed as is, others have had a refresh, and some have gone… moment of silence to reflect on the club sandwich… ok we’ll continue.

The specials board is updating weekly for breaky and lunch (sometimes both) and the house salads will too, so there’s no question on whether you’ll be able to get something fresh and new every time you visit this summer! Let’s dig right into what they recommend from their new menu…

Prawn noodle bowl

This dish is giving us massive Asian vibes, with prawns, coriander and peanuts on a bed of rice noodles. It’s a leafy green salad, that looks super refreshing for the warm weather we’re experiencing at the minute (touch wood), and will go down perfectly for lunch out of the office, or after a morning bike ride.

Chicken, chorizo and smoked cheddar bun

It wouldn’t be Cycle 360 without some chorizo based dishes on the menu, and this sandwich sounds so good, it might just be the replacement for the club sandwich! Cycle 360 describe it as a stack of roast chicken sliced chorizo and smoked cheddar with peppers, rocket and tomato in a turmeric and fennel bun. You know it’s going to be good when even the bun has herbs and spices.

Vegan smoked salmon bagel

It seems like vegan smoked salmon is quite the food of the moment, especially in the Isle of Man, so it’s no surprise that Cycle 360 are early adopters too. Made from smoked carrot, paired with a dill and caper vegan cream ‘cheese’ and pickled red onion, it comes in a Noa Bakehouse bagel, and at LoveIOM we’re quite clearly fans of supporting local where possible! Especially when it’s this delicious.

If you needed an excuse to visit Cycle 360, their new menu should be it. Whether you’re going to sit in, or take advantage of their takeaway queue, make sure to use your LoveIOM Gift Card to pay!