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St Patricks Day on the Isle of Man

St Patricks Day on the Isle of Man

17th Mar 2022

St Patrick’s Day began around 1500 years ago when a British born man (Patrick himself) was shipped off to Ireland to be a slave. He soon escaped to go back to Britain but returned, bringing Christianity with him. Rumoured to have died on March 17th, the day has remained a celebration of St Patrick, and the fact he brought Christianity to Ireland. His depiction of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit in the three leafed clover, the famed Irish shamrock, was what made him so popular at the time.

Despite being a very much religious holiday, celebrations today do not reflect the celebrations of the past. Being the middle of Lent, when people were foregoing meat, St Patricks Day was celebrated by attending a mass service in the morning and feasting on Irish bacon and cabbage throughout the day, before getting back to Lent afterwards,

Now-a-days, it’s less bacon, more beer.

St Patrick’s Day parades and festivals are held all over the by a number of different nations and cultures, to celebrate their Irish Heritage, and to have a good time. From the infamous green river in Chicago, to Monserrat, the only place outside of Ireland to declare the day a public holiday, and even Tokyo, Japan, people across the world join together to celebrate and enjoy the wonders that the Irish culture holds.

Photo by Benjamin Rascoe on Unsplash

In Ireland, they don’t stop at one day. With most of the major towns and cities holding 5-day long festivities, culminating in a massive St Paddy’s Day celebration, it’s no wonder that the day has become so important in the calendars of Irish people all over the planet. Honouring their patron saint with floats of Irish music and dancing and wearing green and having a drink wherever they are in the world is a delight.

But how are we celebrating here, on the Island?

Well, predominantly with pints of Guinness, probably.

Despite a lack of specifically Irish pubs there are a number of places on Island you can go to get yourself a pint of the good stuff (or something equally delicious if you prefer) to celebrate St Paddy as he deserves.

If it’s a pub vibe you want, and you’re in Douglas, why not head to The Cat with no Tail for your St Paddy’s Day pints? Alternatively, JC’s have Pie & Mash or an Irish stew for £5, and Oscar’s are doing a special Paddy’s Day cocktail! If you’re further south, how about The George Hotel in Castletown or Foraging Vintners in Port Erin?

If you’re up north, there are options: make your way to the Plough in Ramsey – they’re guaranteed to whip you up a delicious green coloured shot in honour of St Paddy’s Day! Or, you could book tickets to Fynoderee’s Paddy’s Day Celebration for an evening of craic, cocktails and live Irish music!

If you’re wanting to save your celebrations until the weekend, why not get yourself a ticket to Bunce’s St Paddy’s Day Bingo? An outrageous night of total chaos, with bingo, a meal and potentially a free drink if you shout loud enough, this will be a St Paddy’s celebration to remember.

Alternatively, you could head to Kiki’s Tiki Lounge for one of their delicious (and more importantly, green) appletinis!

However and wherever you celebrate this year, take some pics and tag us in them. And if you do celebrate on 17th, make sure you use your LoveIOM Gift Card to get 25% credit back – you’ll need it for your coffee the next morning…