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Sun + The Shed = Joy with no bounds

Sun + The Shed = Joy with no bounds

8th Apr 2022

Do we need to tell you how good The Shed is when it’s sunny and you can sit on Laxey beach getting a tan? No, you almost certainly already know. Are we going to tell you anyway just in case because at LoveIOM we are not a fan of keeping secrets? Absolutely.

Picture the scene: you were out last night with the guys and the gals and you’re feeling a teensy bit delicate this morning. You need caffeine, carbs and more caffeine ASAP and being able to consume them in comfort in fresh air is practically a necessity. Enter the beach chairs on Laxey Promenade outside The Shed.

The comfiest deck chairs in the Island (dare we say, the planet), coupled with a Conor Cummins coffee, a freshly squeezed juice shot, a waffle and a Frozzd lolly, consumed behind your biggest, darkest sunglasses whilst looking out to sea, is arguably the greatest hangover cure there is.

The first sip of a Coffee Mann coffee and the energy rushes back into you, as your body returns to its regular caffeine fuelled state, is a luscious moment for anyone, hangover or otherwise. We don’t understand the science behind it, but we are certain there is a link between the flavour of coffee and the sound and sight of the sea. If it was graphed it would look like this:

(Absolutely no science went into this graph. It was made purely on feelings of the soul).

The first bite of those waffles (with berries if you want to be healthy, with chocolate if you’re serious about fully enjoying this sunny morning) and the calories burned from giving it everything on the dance floor last night are replaced. You can feel your strength returning and the joy in your life increasing rapidly by the second. Washed down with a juice shot, and you can convince yourself that missing the morning’s spin class doesn’t matter – it basically all evens out anyway.

The final step to full health restoration is the Frozzd lolly. The ice-cold freshness is the perfect cure for that karaoke induced sore-throat and every lick will counteract each screeched word of Mr Brightside from 2am. And with the blasting of vitamin D, salty spray and fresh Manx air, you are bound to be feeling right as rain and ready to go again.

Not just for hangovers, a morning at The Shed in the sun truly is a delightful experience for everyone, whether you’ve just done your day’s 5KM, you’re getting the kids out to play on the beach, or you just want to spend some quality time with your loved ones, doing it on Laxey Beach won’t disappoint.

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