Gift card sales have now ended with all expiry dates extended to 23rd July 2024

The Why Not Weekdays incentive has been extended!

The Why Not Weekdays incentive has been extended!

4th Apr 2022

If you’re thinking “what is ‘Why not Weekdays’?” then where have you been for the past 2 months? ‘Why not Weekdays’ is an exciting deal where you gain 25% credit back on your LoveIOM Gift Card spend each Monday-Thursday.

So, if you use your LoveIOM Gift Card on a Monday-Thursday throughout March and April, however much you spend, you will get a quarter back the following day to spend again! Let’s look at how that could look across April!




Credit back

4th April 2022

Morning coffee at Henderson & Glass



5th April 2022

Lunch at The Eatery



6th April 2022

Dinner out at The Forge



7th April 2022

Live music and drinks at Quids



Easter Monday 18th April

Night at Grenaby Estate







Make sure to keep an eye on our website for more ideas and inspiration for April. We’ve got new merchants, hike and ‘mid-week pick-me-up’ recommendations coming up; truly something for everyone!

You can buy a LoveIOM Gift Card at any time and receive it instantly if you opt for a digital one. This means if you spot a LoveIOM sticker in the window of a merchant, you don’t need to worry that there’s nowhere to buy a card, you can simply get it online and download straight to your phone!

Physical cards can be ordered and posted in advance or purchased directly from The Welcome Centre.

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