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We'll take a pink Fyn & Tonic please!

We'll take a pink Fyn & Tonic please!

1st Jul 2022

"Heady, floral – and now with added blush"

The all-new Fynoderee Elder Shee Rose

That's right, Fynoderee is releasing a pink gin. Maybe we're a little over-excited because pink is LoveIOM's favourite colour, but nonetheless you'll find us testing it as soon as it's available at the distillery.

Described as "a brand new mythic Manx spirit", Fynoderee say this particular gin is a Rose edition of their Elder Shee gin. It is set to be "a floral fusion of heady elderflower and delicate rose with hints of bergamot and pink citrus to create an elegantly smooth Manx "Rosag" (Rose) Gin." We're sold already.

💕🧚‍♂️🌹 For more great images of the artwork, head to their Facebook

Fynoderee are famed for their seemingly never ending list of cocktails made with one of their large variety of spirits and the the prospect of that list growing to accommodate a new selection made with their Rose Elder Shee is bringing us very good summer vibes.

We're proud to be Fyn fans at LoveIOM and we've been for cocktails in their delightful distillery in Ramsey on a number of occasions in the past so we're well placed to provide some recommendations from their menu, whether you opt for their new pink fyn, their rum or even a mocktail! You'll not be disappointed, we're sure of that.

The Fyn Negroni

Made with the Fynoderee Winter Edition of their Manx Dry Gin, this is a small cocktail, red in colour thanks to the Campari in it, and quite orange like in flavour thanks to the vermouth. This cocktail is bitter but is a joy to sip whilst you put the world to rights with friends or simply enjoy the natural, earthy vibes of the distillery.

Pina Colada

An absolute classic, Fynoderee do their very own version of the timeless Pina Colada. Using their Glashtyn Spiced Manx Rum with coconut and pineapple, this is a tall and refreshing creamy cocktail, which always goes down well.

Fyn and Tonic

Let's be honest, you cannot go wrong with a Fyn and Tonic. With eight gins to choose from, and each one having their own specific garnishes and pairings, you don't need to reach for the cocktail menu for variety with Fynoderee. Our personal favourite is the Kerala Chai gin, which is a little spicy and aromatic. It goes great with lime so make sure you enjoy with a wedge. If you want to add tonic, you can't go wrong with a premium Indian tonic, but if you want to elevate it, make yours an aromatic tonic.

Please enjoy responsibly!

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Please enjoy responsibly!