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We're going OUT OUT

We're going OUT OUT

20th Apr 2022

You’ve not had a holiday for months, the petrol prices are on the rise, so you’re firmly remaining on the ground. There’s only one thing for it. A night out and away. So here’s a roundup of our favourite Manx options for you.


The northerners amongst us know that Ramsey is in actual fact the best place for a night out. It’s chill, you don’t need your best threads but if you want to dig them out, you’ll definitely be asked “BABES, where is that from, you’re looking stunning!” about 4 times per trip to the loo. Here’s our Ramsey night out plan.

Make your way to Ramsey, whether that’s by bus (the three or the five from Douglas) or by car, we recommend getting there nice and early so you can fully enjoy what the town has to offer before you start fully enjoying the cocktails.


Island Escapes have not one, but two amazing places to stay in Ramsey and both are super convenient for town. Cascadia House is a short walk from the centre of town and is beautifully furnished throughout. Alternatively is new build North Haven. Looking straight out of a luxury home catalogue, it’s found adjacent to Mooragh Park, just over the Swing Bridge, so you can make your way straight from the pub, over the harbour and back to your luxury pad for a travel free night out. Dreamy.


Once you and your pals are settled in your home away from home for the night, and you’re all dressed up for the evening, you have one big decision to make – Saffron Indian or Good Stuff? Both found very central to town, the decision will all come down to the food. Whilst Saffron offers everyone’s favourite Indian staples and will fill you up nicely for an evening of bopping through Parliament Street, Good Stuff offers a wide variety with everything from burgers to fajitas.


Once you’re done eating, we have to recommend going to Fynoderee. With over 80 different cocktails to try, made not just with gin but their own vodka and rum too, you could easily spend all night here. The bar staff are wonderful and so well versed in everything on offer, you’ll never struggle to decide what to drink next. During the summer, the outdoor seating area will be established and you’ll get to enjoy your drinks as the sun goes down, looking out over Ramsey. Lovely!

Whether you end the night there or you head to another place for more drinks and dancing in town, at least you can make your way back to your home-from-home without having to consider a taxi or bus times!


There’s no shortage of places to stay in Douglas to save yourself having to bus or taxi home.

The best for parking

If you want to drive in and leave your car overnight and drive home the next day, your best option is definitely the Welbeck. Surrounded by free parking, you’ll not struggle to find a space close to the hotel!

The best for relaxation

If you want a bit of a relaxed holiday vibe the following morning, we recommend The Sefton. With that wonderful underground pool, you’ll have relaxed away all the aches from bopping in your heels the night before.

The best to sweat away the night before

If you’re a firm believer in sweating the alcohol and never missing a Sunday session, we recommend The Palace. There’s no better hangover cure than a jog on the treadmill looking out over the prom, followed by a stint in the sauna. Health at its highest.

The most convenient

If you know you’re someone who gets to the end of the night and all of sudden has no energy to get to bed, you want the closest to town, and that’s Loft 11. Think New York style living, but in the centre of town. You’ll get from the dance floor to the bedroom door in ten minutes (depending on which shoes you’ve got on of course).

Lining the stomach

The great thing about going out in Douglas is the options. The worst thing about going out in Douglas is not being able to go to all of them. These are our pre-night out dinner recommendations.


Jak’s is a restaurant, a cocktail bar, a karaoke club and dance floor in one. This has literally everything you need for a class night out, so logically this is where you should start. It’s also at the northern end of the promenade, so you can make your way south to the clubs as you bar crawl Douglas. The steak and chips will fill you up so you have energy to keep going all night long!

Barbary Coast

Barbary Coast is Jak’s little sister and provides the pre-night out atmosphere but at the southern end of town, on the quay. With a cocktail menu big enough to spend the entire night, the peri-peri chicken will give you the boost you need to push on through the bars in Douglas.

The British

The British is also on the Quay and is another great place to start the night with a meal and a few drinks. With a menu of good pub grub like fish and chips and burgers, you cannot go wrong with carb loading before a night of busting moves on a dance floor. With food served until 20:00, you could be watching a live performance by 21:00 all without moving a muscle!


The part of the night where you burn off all the energy from the massive meal you just ate, as well as all the weekday stresses you’ve accumulated, it’s time to get your dad dance on to the DJ’s ABBA mix.

Quids Inn

A pound entry on the door for the cheapest drinks in town as well as access to the Juke Box? Don’t mind if we do. Just along the prom from Jaks, this is the natural first stop on your Douglas bar crawl, no matter where you came from. You can’t go wrong with a spirit and mixer or a pint at Quids, and you may as well have a shot before you move on to the next one.


If you didn’t go to Jak’s for food, you should go for drinks (and dancing, karaoke, and live music). It is the perfectly natural stop after Quid’s after all. And if you’re a fan of sport, the match is probably playing in there.

Henderson & Glass

Newbie on the block, H&G is serving up bouji cocktails. Perfectly placed to break up the walk from Jaks or Quids all the way into town, you should think strategically and get yourself an espresso martini here to give you a caffeine hit for the four hours of straight bopping you have ahead of you. If you’re staying at Loft 11, it’s above H&G so you should pop up and get a puff of deodorant and another layer of mascara before you carry on.

Kiki’s Tiki Lounge

Let’s have a Kiki! You wanna have a Kiki? Of course you do. Kiki’s brings only good vibes. A cocktail menu with more cocktails than you can shake a stick at. Shaken (or stirred) right in front of your eyes. Kiki’s truly is a place for spilling tea and dishing just deserts. Serve, work and turn, honey, all night long.

Bopped ‘til you dropped? At least you’re just a stroll from your hotel room!

Paying for your night out with a LoveIOM Gift Card is always a good idea, because it reduces transaction fees for the places you visit so they can put every penny back into giving us the best night out. Buy yours to spend now!