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What to do for Mother’s Day on the Isle of Man

What to do for Mother’s Day on the Isle of Man

25th Mar 2022

Mother’s Day is notoriously a minefield. How do you celebrate the woman who grew you inside her for 9 months, then fed, clothed and housed you for 16 years, who cried when she packed you off to university and then cried again when you returned home during a global pandemic? A bunch of flowers? Cake and a coffee? A spa day? A night away from you? All of the above?

Our mums (or indeed and especially the people who have stepped up to the position for whatever reason) deserve more than what anyone on earth could possibly give them.

Because above and beyond being a mum, or mother figure, she’s probably also been:

  • Your children’s babysitter and first best friend
  • Your sounding board for terrible ideas; Like that hair cut that everyone knows is an extremely bad idea but you’ll not hear a word until your mum has confirmed it.
  • Your taxi to various social events, from the field with your school mates to celebrate the end of GCSEs, to those late night-out pick-ups.
  • Your football/ballet/rugby/hockey coach and biggest cheerleader.
  • Your nurse when you broke a bone, had the worst flu you have ever known (a minor cold), and when the hospital sent you home with a new born baby that you’re just supposed to know what to do with.
  • Your mentor through that horrible job.
  • Your live alarm clock throughout school and exam season.
  • And probably about 3843548 more different roles across your lifetime.

So the question remains: what on earth do you buy her?

Allow me to make some suggestions.

For the babysitter of your children

Your mum has been through the child rearing years with you, and now she’s helping raise your kids too! Give her the break she deserves – a spa break. At Grenaby Estates, your mum can stay overnight in total tranquillity, surrounded by rolling fields, in a 5* cottage fit for a woman who needs not to be thinking about nappy rash and colic.

For the sounding board of your terrible ideas

If tea isn’t quite strong enough, Foraging Vintners not only will help her listen to yet another of your questionable ideas, there is also the delightful view of Port Erin bay for her to get lost in whilst she ignores you going on and on about that boy, again!

For your taxi driver

Really what your mum deserves here is a night out in a very remote location and then a lift home via maccies, but perhaps a little nicer for your mum, how about a night away? She could have lunch at Close Leece Farm before calling you for a lift into Douglas where she can check into the Best Western, The Welbeck or the Sefton for the night. Then she can call you again to be delivered into town for cocktails at Oscars before having a meal at Jaks and depending how the night takes her, she could head to Quids for a couple before ending the night in Kiki’s Tiki Lounge!

For the sports coach

Your mum has done her time freezing cold on the side of various sports pitches, she deserves to be warm and dry and looking out over a delightful view. Maybe lunch at The Café at The Sound would do? Or dinner at The Ocean Views Restaurant?

For the nurse

Your mum has spent days of her life looking after you, let her be looked after by the team at Fynoderee in Ramsey. They provide some of the best, most attentive, personalised customer service there is, like your mum did for you, when you last had man flu at home.

For the mentor

If you were going to gift someone at work for being a great mentor, you’d get them an OK bottle of wine. Since this is your mum we’re talking about, treat her to a few very good bottles of wine, from Vino. Maybe she’ll even share them with you next time the job woes strike.

For the live alarm clock

She’s up early, she’s out and about, she’d probably love a smoothie from Freshly Squeezed or a plant based breakfast from VIBE. She’s not a regular mom after all, she’s a cool mom.

All these solutions to your mother’s day problems can be gifted with a LoveIOM gift card. Whether you give her the card to spend herself (the easy and thoughtful option) or whether you buy yourself a card and use it to treat her to a day “on you” LoveIOM has the answers. You can buy a card here and see where else you can spend here

And if you can’t make Sunday, treat your mum on the Monday with your LoveIOM Gift Card and get 25% credit back. A win for everyone involved!