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Why Gift Cards are the gift of 2022

Why Gift Cards are the gift of 2022

7th Dec 2022

The humble gift card. The gift voucher. The store credit. Call it what you will, it's a prettily packaged treat to your favourite place!

Since the pandemic, gift cards have a seen a rise across the board, with:

  1. More employees saying a gift card is a great reward from their company
  2. More gift cards redeemable at more than one place for sale
  3. More people buying gift cards from social media

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According to Giftbit well over half of us prefer a gift card to cash as a gift - perhaps so we actually treat ourselves rather than feel like putting the money towards day-to-day purchases?

Not only that, nearly half of us prefer a gift card to a specific gift... after all, if you're going to go out and spend on someone, it may as well be something they'd appreciate, and a gift card to multiple retailers is more successful on that front.

Moreover, most people who receive a gift card spend it at somewhere they wouldn't try normally, so it's a win for retailers too!

Gift cards are set to become more and more popular according to Statista so why not gift one for your loved ones this year?

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