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Would you walk 244 miles for Vibe?

Would you walk 244 miles for Vibe?

1st Jul 2022

Agata Szczepaniuk did. @_miss.sup_ on Instagram took it upon herself to walk 244 miles from Manchester to the delightful Vibe café in Douglas. Did she do it A to B? Absolutely not. Agata began her journey in Manchester, and tracked her way to Wales, before taking a boat from Holyhead to Dublin, from where she walked to Belfast before getting a Steam Packet sailing over to the Isle. All for a smoothie from the vegan café and LoveIOM merchant, Vibe.

Agata isn’t new to walking miles for her favourite food! Back in 2020 she walked from Leeds to the Isle of Wight for fudge, and, like her Isle of Man trip, she documented it all on her Instagram stories.

A screenshot of Agata's Instagram profile showing her journey to the Isle of Man
You can watch her entire journey from Manchester through to our precious Isle on Agata's Instagram story highlights!

She doesn’t just walk for delicious food though (although we can say with absolute certainty that Vibe is worth the journey!), she walks to raise money for the charity Viva, which helps Ukranian refugees with companion animals. She’s a passionate vegan and a friend to the animals and it shows.

Purple smoothie with a pink flower in it
The most well-deserved smoothie ever consumed (from Agata's Instagram)

Vibe were more than happy to welcome Agata, presenting her with balloons and her desired smoothie on her very wet arrival to the Island. Their vegan ethos aligned with Agata’s and they’re a match made in heaven. It’s no secret we’re a big fan of Vibe (check out our blog on our own trip there, although we travelled maybe 244 metres…) and we’d be prepared to bet that anyone, vegan or otherwise, would find it a breeze having a delicious, fulfilling and satisfying meal. Thankfully, on the Isle of Man, the longest journey you could feasibly make to visit Vibe is probably 30 miles, and whilst we support active and responsible travel, we won’t mind if you drive rather than walk there to try it out. If Agata walking 244 miles, taking two boats, and getting absolutely soaked in the process doesn’t convince you it’s well worth going, we don’t know what will.

Have a look at Agata’s stories on Instagram whilst you enjoy your lunch, and remember you can pay with a LoveIOM Gift Card!