Receive 25% credit when you spend your LoveIOM Gift Card Monday-Thursday

Why Not Weekdays

Why Not Weekdays?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I redeem the 25% credit back?

Simply pay your bill using a LoveIOM Gift Card at a participating venue (you can find the list here) from Monday-Thursday throughout winter, beginning on 2nd January – 30th March*.

25% of the total amount spent using your LoveIOM Gift Card that day (up to a maximum of £50) will be automatically added to your card the following day, at 00.01am.

*Available while funding is available.

Do I need a new LoveIOM Gift Card?

No, you will not LoveIOM Gift Card in order to benefit from the Why Not Weekdays incentive.

Any LoveIOM Gift Card purchased from November 2021 can be used for 25% credit back, on the condition that the Gift Card has spend left on it.

To purchase a LoveIOM Gift Card, visit:

When will the reward expire?

The reward (25% credit) will expire when the Gift Card expires (please go to manage your gift card, to check expiry dates).

When will I receive the 25% credit back?

Your 25% credit will be automatically added to your existing LoveIOM Gift Card at 00.01am the day after the transaction has been made.

How can I check my Gift Card balance?

Yes! You can check your Gift Card balance at: or the live amount is displayed on the Gift Card in your phone’s digital wallet.

Which businesses are participating in Why Not Weekdays?

The Why Not Weekdays incentive can be claimed from all businesses that have signed up for the LoveIOM Gift Card scheme provided they are open on days between Monday-Thursday.

You can find a full list of businesses signed up for the LoveIOM Gift Card scheme at:

Does Why Not Weekdays cost the participating businesses any money?

No, the incentive is backed by funding from the Isle of Man Government so doesn’t cost the business a penny.

How do I receive my credit back?

The 25% credit back (up to £50 per day) will be added to the Gift Card used for the transaction, automatically, the following day.

Can I get credit back on my credit?

Yes! For example, if you spend £250 on a Monday, you would receive £50 back the next day. Should you spend the £50 on another weekday, you would receive £12.50 in credit back the next day.

How much credit will I receive if I use my gift card to pay only part of my bill?

You will receive 25% of however much was spent with the Gift Card. So, for example, if your bill comes to £60, and you pay £50 with a LoveIOM Gift Card (and the remainder with another means of payment), you would receive 25% of £50 (£12.50) onto your LoveIOM Gift Card the following day.

I have more than one LoveIOM Gift Card; can I combine them?

Yes! Using the manage your card feature, you can move all the funds on Gift Cards you own to one in particular. Note that the funds will retain the expiry date of the card that they are moved to. So, for example, if you have a £10 Gift Card that expires on 25th December 2023, and you move it to a £10 Gift Card with an expiry date of 1st August 2023, the £20 total value will expire on 1st August 2023.

When combining gift cards make sure to not transfer the balance of any gift cards that you have gifted to others onto your card. In case you have accidently done so, send us an email at [email protected] and we will sort it out for you.

Terms and Conditions

The LoveIOM Card ‘Why Not Weekdays?’ incentive has been designed to reward Islanders who support the hospitality and accommodation providers during typically quiet periods, Monday to Thursday.

  • An existing or new LoveIOM Gift Card is required to participate
  • 25% credit incentive applies to transactions on a Monday to Thursday from 2nd January to 30th March, or whilst funding lasts, whichever happens first
  • Maximum credit back is £50 per day per gift card
  • 25% money-back incentive is only applied to transactions made at LoveIOM approved merchant locations.
  • No minimum spend
  • Credit back is automatically applied to the transaction gift card the following day
  • Credit back doesn’t affect the original expiry date of the LoveIOM Gift Card
  • IOM Gift Card Limited reserves the right to withdraw the WNW incentive at any time
  • Any unspent value on expired cards will be used within the LoveIOM Scheme